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Premium Flow and Level Sensors Shop (Flow, Level, Pump Controls, Indicators)

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Thomas Products LTD carries a wide range of flow switches, level switches, pump controls and non-electric indicators, as well as an array of pump control accessories in various sizes and configurations. In addition to our extensive inventory of stock products, we specialize in custom sensors, switches and controls, using only the highest-quality materials to ensure reliability and peak performance with your equipment. It is important, as a flow sensor manufacturer, to strive to meet the needs of customers. We are pleased to do so through our product and custom service offerings.

Our product focuses are:

Flow switches — Used to gauge and regulate the flow of liquid through a channel, flow switches actuate once a set point is reached, bringing the flow rate back to the acceptable parameter. An important component of the switch is the flow sensor. As a quality-focused flow sensor and flow sensor manufacturer, our switches are made of high-quality silicon and other superior materials.

Level switches — We are a level switch and level sensor manufacturer that delivers the most accurate, reliable equipment to our customers. Level switches sense and respond to the level or height of a liquid, and trigger an event such as turning on a pump or activating an alarm. As a custom level sensor company, we can manufacture level sensors to any specification you require.

Pump controls — Pump controls are used to activate a pump in response to a certain event, and are typically used in conjunction with flow switches, level switches or both. Our pump controls are designed for versatility and high performance, ensuring that liquid flow and levels are kept within acceptable specifications.

Non-electric indicators — Non-electric indicators are easy to install and can readily provide baseline level readings with a minimum of resource expenditure and investment.

Accessories — Our line of accessories includes an inventory of adaptors and other installation requirements for controls, switches, and sensors.

Industries Using Flow and Level and Sensors

Our products are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including any area where the level or flow of a liquid must be monitored and addressed. Some of these applications and industries include:

Chlorine pumps — Commercial and institutional pools require professional-grade chlorine management, and our equipment is up to the task.

Flood pumps — Automated activation of flood pumps, based on level and flow sensors and facilitated by pump controls, can be key to avoiding or mitigating disasters caused by high liquid levels.

Blood coolers and heaters — Environmental regulation of biological material is critical in the medical industry, and sensors, sensors, and switches automate the process of keeping stored blood and other material at an acceptable — and usable — temperature.

Metering and dosing pump regulators — Automatic operation of devices like medicine pump regulators in ICUs and other medical settings is critical to the safety of patients and the ability of medical staff to work efficiently.

Working With Thomas Products LTD

We are a flow sensor company that delivers the most accurate and durable products available. Our extensive inventory and experience with customization allows us to meet the needs of any industry or application where flow and level sensors are used, as well as the necessary pump controls and accessories to complete your infrastructure. To discuss the benefits of our experience, and our commitment to high-quality materials, review our inventory and reach out to us today.