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Fall 2016 Update


Welcome to the new site! Please continue reading to get the scoop!

We assure you, this is the correct place, we have been working hard to produce a site that is up to par with today's web-surfing standards, were confident you will find the new site not only easier to navigate, but much more appealing to the eye.

We imagine that if we were to list all the changes in paragraph style that it may be overwhelming and many readers may skip over this information, so we will put a lot of it into an ordered list.


  1. Written in native HTML5 for responsiveness, the site should work and look awesome from the smallest smart watch to the largest ultra-wide 21:9 monitor
  2. Active/ live search, just start typing and click your preferred result, no need to hit “enter” every time, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, go ahead and hit “enter” and it will return all relevant results
  3. Continuous sessions in our chat client, you can now navigate the site as you chat with us without worrying about losing the chat
  4. Active sitemap, our old sitemap was pitiful to say the least, the sitemap here is live updated with new content, so if you’re not sure where to go, please click the link in the footer to explore
  5. Better product images, the images will now show larger as well as mouse hovering will zoom on the image, click the image for full-size and to view more images full-size in a slideshow like fashion
  6. Root site only! This one is our favorite, no more hopping across subdomains, for example, and The site in all its glory is now completely on “”
  7. Individual 1500, 1600, & 1700 products with their perspective pistons, calling you after receiving an order to clarify the piston is a thing of the past! If you’re not sure which one you need, just chat with us and we’ll help you out!
  8. This blog! This part of the site (all links with “blog” in them) are written “blog” style, for easy reading. This part of the site serves as an update central for all our updates and changes to the company. We highly recommend “subscribing” to our mailing list so we can notify you when we do something new that may benefit you greatly! There is a box on the homepage with the form that you can fill out. Trust us, we won’t spam you and we will never sell or give away your information!

With all the positive changes, there unfortunately are some “downsides” as well, here they are in an easy to digest list.


  1. Broken links, this one is difficult to portray, our old site had almost 5000 links on it, to redirect all of them would be nearly impossible. What we did to help you as much as we could is we redirected all of the models and categories to their new homes, these will be a “301” or permanent, redirect. For now, any link you try to navigate to that is not redirected by us, will “302” or temporarily redirect you here. We are working on fixing more links so eventually they will be fixed and “301’d” to their new home
  2. The retiring of the “catalog” subdomain, this is in the positives as well so this one is tricky, many people know our site with the links, so this is only in the “downsides” because of familiarity

Through all of this, if there is one thing that we can stress, it is to please bear with us as we build this site! We are releasing it to you on a "Rolling Release" fashion. In other words, we know there are some things wrong with the site now, but we want to bring it to you now, plus there is no better criticize than direct from the consumer!