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Feature Requests


Ah, feature requests time!

Every developer with an item that has been released should have an area for feature requests. This allows the users, you as the reader, to follow along with a list of features that are agreed as features to be added and somewhere in the development phase. We feel this is critical as it offers transparency between us as the developers and you, the end user. If you think of something that is not on this list, that you would like added, simply drop us a line and we will take a look! The site has only been released for a single day at time of writing this article and already we have a few on here! Take a look!

  • Done! Whole site SSL, this one is a top priority as security is a top concern of ours, our old site was not SSL but we want this one to be for your safety! You may notice this as some sites you browse use "https;//" already
  • Selection-guide like pages. you spoke, we listened! We are talking about a single page for each of the 5 main categories that will have a brief easy-to-digest overview of the various models which should make narrowing down the correct product for you, even easier!
  • Online credit card processing, right now it is offline through our accounting system, but we would like it to be live and run the card at the time of placing an order as it avoids issues of incorrect card numbers or invalid cards that may delay shipment
  • PayPal payments, we have the logo, now all we need is the processor! Many people like PayPal as it keeps all payment information private so we would like to accomdate them as well!