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Known Issues at Time of Original Release


This post is to bring light to the known issues on the site at time of it's original release, December 1, 2016. As usual, it will be in list style however in no specific order. Keep an eye on this page to track progress! If you find something that you would like to see changed, please let us know and we will address it and if feedback is high enough, add it to this list!

  • Shipping estimator is not currently operational, eventually all shipments will get a rough estimate on freight for various methods
  • Pictures! We know there are many pictures that aren't correct or up, we are working on taking all new pictures and will be progressively uploading them
  • Category descriptions, there are some categories that have missing descriptions, these are being worked on/ created and will be added periodically
  • Product descriptions, this is in a similar situation as the category descriptions
  • The "accessories" section needs some serious sprucing up."Specifications" are not on there for this category, the accessories in general are pretty bleak, they just have pricing, this will be fixed soon
  • That darn home page! Trying to come up with a home page that encompasses what we want to portray without looking cluttered, this will be a work-in-progress for sure
  • "Pages" such as the "Clean-In-Place" and "OMA Program" need a lot more detail, and pictures!
  • A lot of the extra material such as white papers, and rich text will be added continuously
  • The model 4000, this one is going to be tricky but we are working on a builder that will let you build the product as you go and submit it to us for a quote/ part number
  • Better "Product Filters" to better help you narrow down the part you are looking for