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Model 1300, Liquid Flow Switch, 3/4" FNPT, 10.0 GPM Increasing Flow, SPDT 20VA Pilot Duty, -14.7 to 400 PSI @ 100°F, -20°F to 300°F

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This unit is a right angle version of our model 1100, an Industrial Standard, if you need the same accuracy and ruggedness that the model 1100 offers except you have space constraints or an application where a 90° unit would fit better, this is the unit for you. The switch in this unit is silicone potted in a factory replaceable capsule to permit a very high vibration resistance as well as keeping it repairable in the event of failure. This model has a true globe-shaped one piece cast body that yields a lower pressure drop and minimizes turbulence while keeping the pressure capabilities very high.

Operation: Liquid flows through the housing, with flows below the "set point" the liquid flows around the shuttle, as the flow rate increases the magnet equipped shuttle starts to lift up compressing the spring until the flow rate reaches the set point in which case the magnet actuates a hermetically sealed reed switch inside the stem. Flows above the set point pass by the shuttle without issue holding the unit actuated until the flow rate begins to decrease where the spring begins to push the shuttle back down to resting position until the magnet extends far enough away from the switch causing it to de-actuate. Flow rates below the set point do not effect the unit and do not cause it to actuate.

Product Specifications

Flow Switch 2000

Manufacturer :
Thomas Products LTD.
Model Number :
Model 1300
Type :
Liquid Flow Switch
Special Features :
Mounting Type:
In-line/ Pipe Installation
Housing :
Process Connection :
3/4" FNPT
UL Listed :
Flow Set Point :
10.0 GPM Increasing Flow
Set Point Accuracy :
+/- 10% Max
Set Point Differential :
10% Max
Repeatability :
1% Max Deviation
Dimensions :
'A' 1-3/8", 'B' 1-7/16", 'C' 3-7/8"
Mounting Attitude :
Suggested: Inlet port down, lead wires up, set point may change otherwise
Reed Switch :
SPDT 20VA Pilot Duty
Reed Switch Logic :
SPDT, Black-Common, Red-NC, Orange-NO
Leads :
24" 18 AWG Polymeric
Wetted Materials :
Bronze, Brass, SST, Viton "A", PTFE, Ceramic Ferrite
Pressure Range :
-14.7 to 400 PSI @ 100°F
Proof Load :
800 PSI @ 100°F
Burst Strength :
1200 PSI @ 100°F
Temperature Range :
-20°F to 300°F
"O" Ring :
Viton "A"
Spring :
Shuttle :
Bonnet :
SST, and Brass
Check out these helpful videos for cleaning & general maintenance for some of our field serviceable products! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_oLXohRDc29JLFLatP9Ainn_aF5FKeCL
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-NO Original release Current and active

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