P/N 43426

Model 3800, Liquid Level Switch, SPST 10VA Pilot Duty, -20°F to 140°F

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Product Specifications

Flow Switch 2000

Manufacturer :
Thomas Products LTD.
Model Number :
Model 3800
Type :
Liquid Level Switch
Housing :
UL Listed :
YES, File No. E86797
Hysteresis :
1/16" Total Envelope
Mounting Attitude :
Required flat recommended to be installed in double walled tank
Reed Switch :
SPST 10VA Pilot Duty
Reed Switch Logic :
SPST, Black-common, Red-NO Non-poler switch
Leads :
25' 22 AWG UL 2464 PVC cable
Wetted Materials :
PVC, Epoxy, AlNiCo
Temperature Range :
-20°F to 140°F
Float :
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Revision Level Changes Status
-NO Original release Current and active

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