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Thomas Products Flow & Level Sensor Product Applications


Thomas Products was recognized number 17th as a worldwide leader in innovative thinking for the flow sensor industry.. We’re proud to be a company that doesn’t hide behind the scenes and is on the front lines of advancing technologies.


Medical – Flow sensors can be found in medical equipment used to control precision devices. Flow sensors operate as part of infusion pump control systems and medical ventilators. It’s important to have a sterile environment and chemically compatible components when building parts for medical devices. Thomas Products is able to offer components in materials which are suitable for use within medical industries. For years we have been providing flow sensors for medical equipment like respirators, ventilators, and body temperature controlling equipment. Thomas Products is long time provider of sensors that meet the demands of compatibility, function, and longevity.




Agricultural – Flow sensors within the agricultural industry are used to trigger components within farm equipment sprayer systems. They are used on crop sprayers and other tractor equipment. Level sensors play a critical part in gauging how much fluid is left within containers. These sensors can additionally monitor the flow of liquid fertilizer and nutrient supply added to the irrigation equipment and automated irrigation equipment with sensors that wirelessly send a signal to the home office or operational facility if problems ever arise. Modern agriculture farm and commercial construction equipment require safeguards to ensure the safety of operators and allow proper operating conditions. For example, a flow or level sensor can be used to trigger alarms before an engine runs out of fuel. Thomas Products is able to provide durable sensors to monitor coolant flow and lubricating oil flow, independent of pressure.





Oil and Mining – Flow Switches have been a popular choice for heavy duty applications such as equipment used in the oil and mining industry. Thomas Product’s flow sensors are designed using materials that resist degradation due to exposure to harsh chemicals and severe environments. These flow sensors are also commonly be used within gas switching and metering applications. Our large sensors have passed department of defense shock and vibration testing. Compressors working at full capacity need to be constantly monitored and flow our sensors are a popular choice for these types of machines in the mining industries.




Water Treatment – Pump controls are extremely popular in the water treatment industry. They can be used to inject chlorine using chemical injection pumps.  Pump controls are ideal for industries requiring water purification. Pump Controls are also an ideal replacement for pressure sensors because they switch on as soon as flow is present. For years our patented pump controller flow sensors have been plug and play within Culligan* water systems. For instance, using them in conjunction with chemical feed pumps to ensure the feed pump is turned on only when water is flowing and not when the pressure switch closes which risks the potential for turning on pumps to an empty well.



Transportation Industry – With the rise in automated automotive manufacturing, flow sensors are an integral part of fluid control within the car industry. Flow sensors can be used for regulating flow systems as seen in car paint booths. They can be used on robotics arms to detect presence of flow and signal computer controlled programs to carry out complex processes. Car washes are another popular industry that makes use of flow sensors. These sensors are used for detecting and regulating flow systems.




HVAC – Flow sensors are a favorable option for detecting flow in systems such as oil & water heaters. Thomas Products flow sensors use easily configurable industry compatible signaling mechanisms to communicate with widely used and industry standard PLCs. These systems are used to control sprinkler safety systems, coolers, and chillers. Cooling towers are typically used for cooling large amounts of water for plastic injection molding machines and blow molding machines. The cooling towers recycle water that cascades down over the air-to-water heat exchange pumps.




Automation – Flow sensors can be found controlling various systems within one of the largest growing and researched fields of the 21st century – industrial automation. Sensors are an integral part in automating factory processes. Hydraulic systems, motors, pumps, and lasers all use flow & level sensors as part of their assemblies. The applications have endless ways of using flow sensors to make sure correct air flow (within a very tight range) is present making sure that paint is flowing at the calibrated amount and that the automated robotic systems have properly operating closed loop processes. Automated equipment cannot function correctly without some form of energy controlling devices like sensors, which are the most logical solution to safeguarding and offering piece of point. Our sensors are an ideal piece at the point of disaster in environments that require continuous reliability and operation within tolerance.

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