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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a water flow switch?
A: A water flow switch is a device used to detect the flow of water in a pipe and activate an electrical circuit as a result. It is commonly used in plumbing systems to control pumps, valves, and alarms in response to changes in the flow of water.

Q: How do you wire a flow switch?
A: Wiring a flow switch typically involves connecting the switch in series with an electrical circuit and a power source. The specific steps may vary depending on the model and type of flow switch

Q: How do you trouble shoot a flow switch?
A: Contact Thomas Products LTD for troubleshooting needs.

Q: What is a flow switch used for?
A: A flow switch is used is used in a variety of applications included but not limited to: Flow Sensing, Mains Water Control, Leak Detecting, Tank Level Sensing, Circulation Pump Protection, and Cooling Systems.

Q: What is a flow switch?
A: A flow switch is a device which sends an electrical on or off signal, when the fluid running through it exceeds a specified set point.

Q: How does a flow switch work?
A: A flow switch is a method of flow detection. We manufacture flow switches to have a set point. When you install a flow switch into your system and run fluid through it, the flow switch will send a signal when the fluid hits the switches set point. If this set point is 0.5 GPM (Gallons per minute), as soon at 0.5 GPM is flowing through the flow switch, a signal is sent.

Q: How do I know whether a Thomas Products flow switch is right for me?
A: We work with our customers to ensure the flow switch they receive matches the demands of their application. We want to make sure your systems runs optimally and that our flow switches provide you years of service.

Q: How do Thomas Products sensors compare to others on the market?
A: Our products use the same durable and high quality components today as they did the day they were designed with 40 years ago. This is because they’ve withstood the test of time and we’re confident these components are the best fit within our products to offer reliable service.

Q: How long until parts are shipped?
A: Standard parts have a lead time of 3-5 business days.
Special parts have a lead time of 2 weeks.

Q: What types of fluids can be run through your flow switches?
A: We have customers running many fluid mediums including: Water, Oil, Propylene Glycol, Beer, Blood, Urine, Chlorine, and other chemicals.

Q: My part may be faulty or something else is going on with it. What do I do?
A: Contact us using the service request form here: