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Model 5101, Liquid Level Indicator

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This indicator is advantages due to it's low cost and durability. It replaces unreadable sight windows so that you can visually see the liquid level much clearer due to it's bright red and green color flag, no more guessing if that is buildup on the window or if that is the actual fluid level. This indicator is non-electric making it an excellent choice for hazardous locations. Due to this unit having two separate chambers machined out of a solid piece of material with a dividing wall in the middle, this unit has higher pressure ratings than sight windows.
We recommend using our weld-in spud with our model 5101 due to it's approved sizes and specifications as well as it's ease of installation, please see our accessories section for details.

Operation: The housing has two separate chambers. In the front chamber, behind a transparent lens, is a two color flag (half red, half green) equipped with a magnet. In the rear chamber is a magnet equipped float, free to swing with the action of the liquid's level. The poles of the two magnets are opposite creating a bi-stable interlocking condition. As the liquid level falls, the float and magnet swing down, opening the magnetic coupling. This causes the flag to drop, exposing the red side and indicating a low liquid level. Accordingly, as the liquid level rises, the magnet's proximity is shortened causing a magnetic attraction to snap up the flag exposing the green side and indicating a satisfactory liquid level condition.

Product Specifications

Flow Switch 2000

Manufacturer :
Thomas Products LTD.
Model Number :
Model 5101
Type :
Liquid Level Indicator
Mounting Type:
2" MNPT External Tank Mounting
Housing :
Mounting Attitude :
Float :
2" Dia. SST
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