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Model 2651, Pump Control, 1" Slip Socket, 0.5 GPM Increasing Flow, -14.7 to 150 PSIG, -20°F to + 122°F

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OEMS & Dealers CONTACT us for pricing & details

This is the same as our original 45325-B except it has been improved with our patent pending straight through flow module with spoked orifice that creates laminar flow to increase set point accuracy and enhance self cleaning.

Product Specifications

Flow Switch 2000

Manufacturer :
Thomas Products LTD.
Model Number :
Model 2651
Type :
Pump Control
Special Features :
Housing :
Process Connection :
1" Slip Socket
UL Listed :
YES, File No. E86797
Flow Set Point :
0.5 GPM Increasing Flow
Set Point Accuracy :
+/- 20% Max
Set Point Differential :
20% Max
Mounting Attitude :
Suggested: Ports horizontal with lead wires up, set point may slightly change otherwise
Wetted Materials :
PVC, SST, Viton "A", Cerramic Ferrite
Pressure Range :
-14.7 to 150 PSIG
Temperature Range :
-20°F to + 122°F
"O" Ring :
Viton "A"
Spring :
Shuttle :
Bonnet :
Check out these helpful videos for cleaning & general maintenance for some of our field serviceable products! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_oLXohRDc29JLFLatP9Ainn_aF5FKeCL
Revision Level Changes Status
-B Added flow module to smooth out the fluid flow - to create laminar flow thus eliminating the need for 10 pipe diameters of straight run before the switch Current and active
-A Added fluted shuttle to reduce the likelihood of failure due to debris causing shuttle to stick in place Superseded by Rev. B but available under certain circumstances
-NO Original release Superseded by Rev. A.

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